National Capital Region (VA, DC, MD) GeoSpatial Data Exchange (NCR GDX)

Metropolitan Washington Council of Government’s CIO Committee

Client Background

The NCR GDX allows local, regional, state, and federal participants to share critical information among emergency management systems. Through the NCR GDX, participating jurisdictions are linking emergency management personnel through a shared commitment to break down technical communication barriers. They are improving decision making by sharing real-time data feeds among regional mapping applications.

Project Details

TechGlobal developed a secure and easy-to-use method for sharing information using the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) metadata standards in order to plan and respond to events that span the NCR (National Capital Region: VA – DC – MD). The NCR GDX system developed enables the secure, flexible and standardized sharing of map and real-time event information by all NCR partner jurisdictions and agencies using web-enabled technology. The design and development of the NCR GDX involved over 100 stakeholders from local, state, federal, special district and non-profit agencies

Requirements, Design & Initial Testing: The first phase of the project included developing consensus amongst the stakeholders, collecting data, designing and testing a system to share geospatial data. The tasks in this phase of the project included:

  • Facilitating a series of stakeholder sessions for collecting user requirements, reviewing the system design and the development
  • Documenting stakeholder input and summary findings
  • Designing a stakeholder inventory of data resources and needs
  • Documenting data inventory findings and recommendations
  • Documenting system requirements
  • Review and finalizing system design documentation based on FGDC guidelines
  • Designing an NCR GDX system test plan and conducting full system testing
  • Facilitating a governance issues and needs session and preparing a report on NCR GDX’s Governance Priorities, Recommendations and Action Plan

Maintenance of NCR GDX: The second phase of the project was focused on providing operational support to the NCR GDX and assisting NCR GDX participants design and implement a formal governance structure supported by policies and procedures for the institutional and technical management of the NCR GDX. The specifics tasks for the TechGlobal team included:

  • An NCR GDX Charter and recommendation to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments to adopt the charter and incorporate NCR GDX governance into the MWCOG framework.
  • Develop NCR GDX